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Check how digital nomad friendly your passport is


One of the most important items that any digital nomad will pack is their passport, the key to travel. And the stronger and more welcomed the passport is then the more doors that will swing open.

Different passports have different power, and while we all know that, digital nomads are especially aware of it. As a digital nomad, having a strong passport has a huge impact on your life, as the reality is, some passports allow you to travel freely and work remotely easier than others.

"With the rise in the numbers of digital nomads, especially during and after the pandemic, came the research into facilitations and visas that allow digital nomads to travel and reside in different places easier. Simultaneously came the increasing research and demand for obtaining second nationalities, and this is where The Nomad Passport Index comes in,” writes Digital Nomad News

The Nomad Passport Index allows people to check the strength of their passport, a handy tool when travelling the world. "The Nomad Capitalist Passport Index was created to highlight the best citizenships in the world. Our ratings are based not only on the basis of visa-free travel, but also on international taxation laws, global perception, dual citizenship, and personal freedom,” states Nomad Passport Index on their website.

You can check your passport and indeed find more information at this link.

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