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Dubrovnik one of the most popular European destinations this summer – writes Travel Off Path


Finding a promo travel article in the international media is really nothing new these days, but this latest one intrigued us. In an ask and answer format the travel article on the website Travel Off Path about Dubrovnik caught the attention of the internet with the bombastic headline - Why Dubrovnik Will Be One Of The Most Popular European Destinations This Summer.

"After an especially busy travel season in 2022, Croatia is expecting another record year for tourism. And no place in the country is likely to as popular with travellers as the historic city of Dubrovnik, a charming place that should be on everyone’s travel list this year,” opens the article.

Of the many questions that the author asked himself was "Let’s Talk Price.” And he wrote "There is no denying the fact that, yes, Dubrovnik can be expensive to visit. Those who stay in the old town and eat out every meal will see their budget balloon up in no time.”

Read the full article here -

And the popular Dubrovnik guide, Ivan Vuković, also gets a mention "Our day with Ivan was informative, fun, and personable, and we are happy to recommend him to our readers without hesitation.

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