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The Dubrovnik Pass – opens all the doors of Dubrovnik


Save time, save money. Yes, we know you’ve heard that a million times before, BUT the Dubrovnik Pass literally does what it says on the tin. If it were a Tolkien book it would be "One pass to rule them all.” 

The Dubrovnik Pass is your one-stop-shop that opens all the doors of the city. "Dubrovnik Pass is a key that opens the door of the most important sights of towns of Dubrovnik and Cavtat and provides the pass holder with a number of discounts and significant money-saving, offering a variety of benefits as well as numerous surprises,” states the Dubrovnik Pass website. 

So let’s break down why you must get the Dubrovnik Pass. We said it saved you time. Firstly, it is a QR code on your phone. No fumbling around in your bag to find that card, the key is on your phone. You arrive at one of the many, many attractions that accept the code (and we’ll give you a full list later) and you are in. No cash needed, no credit card, just a flash of your phone. 

Secondly, saving money. To say that the savings are considerable would be an understatement. Below you’ll find a complete list of all the attractions that you’ll be able to enter with the pass, and if you added the entry price of each individually, well let’s just say your wallet will thank you.

And there is an added bonus, a rather large one. With the Dubrovnik Pass you don’t only get entry into the major, "must see” attractions but also special discounts at several partners around the city (and beyond the walls) but also free transport on the Dubrovnik public buses. Again, breaking this down, with the special Digital Nomad Dubrovnik Pass which lasts for four weeks and costs only 85 euro you’ll be able to use the buses as much as you like. Bearing in mind that a bus ticket in Dubrovnik costs around 2 euro, do the math for yourself. 

There are four different types of Dubrovnik Pass – daily, three-day, weekly and the four-week Digital Nomad Dubrovnik Pass. And of course they range in price. But as you are a digital nomad and likely to be in Dubrovnik for a longer period of time we would absolutely recommend the four-week pass, at 85 euro you really can’t go wrong. 

Here is what you get in the Digital Nomad Dubrovnik Pass (it’s quite a long list)

Digital Nomad Dubrovnik Pass contains - 

Free one-time visit and sightseeing of the cultural heritage attractions - 

Dubrovnik City walls,

Cultural and historical museum, Rector’s Palace 

Maritime Museum, Fortress of St. John,

Ethnographic Museum, Od Rupa 3,

The Home of Marin Držić, Široka 7,

Dubrovnik Museum of Natural History, Androvićeva 1,

Museum of the Franciscan Monastery of the Little Brothers, Placa 2,

Museum of Modern Art, Put Frana Supila 23,

Gallery Dulčić-Masle-Pulitika, Poljana Marina Držića 1,

Atelier Pulitika, Fortress of St. John,

Archaeological exhibitions, Revelin Fortress,

House Bukovac, Bukovčeva 5, Cavtat

- Four-week bus ticket for public city transport,

- Numerous discounts and benefits from partners in the project,

- Duration - 4 weeks

All of that for only 85 euro and downloaded directly onto your phone as a QR code…what are you waiting for? 

And there is more – 

10% discount on tickets - Folklore Ensemble Linđo and Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra

12,5% discount on tickets - Čilipi Folklore

30% discount on ticket - Lokrum Nature Reserve - Mljet National Park - Račić Family Mausoleum

50% discount on tickets – Lazareti and Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Special offers

Rector’s Palace Slano – entrance ticket 3.00 euro only

Heritage House Dubrovačko primorje - entrance ticket 3.00 euro only

Ston Walls – entrance ticket 8.00 euro (March to October) and 5.00 euro (November to February) 

Sokol Fortress in Konavle – entrance ticket 8.00 euro (March to October) and 5.00 euro (November to February) 

Konavle County Museum – free entrance

The Digital Nomad Dubrovnik Pass entitles you to a bus ticket for a duration of four (4) weeks of free transport using the city public bus company, Libertas.

You can buy your pass and bus ticket only at the TIC Pile – Brsalje 5, our staff will check the eVisitor system to make sure that you have been registered for a minimum of four (4) weeks in the area of the City of Dubrovnik.

The Dubrovnik Pass permits transport, along with free entrance to museums and galleries, for one adult accompanied by children up to the age of 7.

Looking for more info – check out the Dubrovnik Pass website here

Here are the T’s and C’s 

The Dubrovnik Pass will be activated with the first visit to any cultural institution or by picking up a bus ticket for public city transport.

Please check the opening hours of museums and galleries.

You are entitled to a one - time visit to every cultural institution, which means that you

can visit each location only once. The holder of the Dubrovnik Pass is obliged to show it to the service providers before using the services.

Service providers may check the Dubrovnik Pass for validity. Discounts and benefits will no longer apply, if the validity period of the Dubrovnik Pass has expired.

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