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Croatia Named One of the Best Places in Europe for Remote Workers in 2024


The global travel site Big 7 Travel has teamed up with Holiday Cars to find The Best Places in Europe for Remote Workers in 2024 and Croatia features on the list.

As the global shift to remote working shows no sign of switching back, workers across the world are leaving behind the traditional office setup to WFH permanently - and for many, that means relocating! The trend is only set to increase with data projections showing that 22% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2024.Based on our rankings and data taken from the OECD, they compiled a list of the best places to appeal to digital nomads, using the following seven categories - Cost of Living, Rent Index, Restaurant Price Index, Quality of Life, Language Difficulty, Average Temperature (°C) and Visa and Residency Requirements.

"Croatia is a gem of the Balkan region of Europe, offering tourists, residents and locals a taste of history, a rich and varied culture and some of the best beaches in Europe. But how does it fare in our rankings? Croatia’s rent index is relatively low, and its quality of life (161.6) is high, making it a great place to settle and work. If you plan to stay in Croatia long term, the time it will take to become proficient in the language is around 44 weeks, so you’ll sound like a native in no time. What’s more, securing a visa is extremely easy and will enable you to truly settle into Croatian life.,” writes the website about Croatia. 

And the website recommends three destinations in Croatia - Zagreb, Split and Dubrovniklol

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