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Collaboration Paves the Way: Dubrovnik-Međugorje Trail Cleaning and Marking Project Gains Momentum


In a collaborative endeavor, members from HPD "Sniježnica," HPD "Brotnjo," and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) of Čapljina and Čitluk have joined forces to undertake the cleaning and marking mission of the extensive 147-kilometer-long Camino Dubrovnik-Međugorje trail. This initiative, spearheaded by the City of Dubrovnik, is conducted in partnership with the municipalities of Dubrovačko primorje, Neum, Ravno, Čitluk, and the city of Čapljina.
Over the weekend, HPD "Sniježnica" took the lead, initiating the cleaning and marking process along the trail's initial leg. Extending from the city to the Benedictine monastery in St. Jakov, and further to Gromača, the team meticulously cleared and marked the route. This included significant landmarks such as the Imperial Fortress on Srđ, the picturesque Strinjčera and Nuncijata, and the historical Onofrio's Aqueduct. The marked section from Srđ to Čajkovići covered a distance of over eight kilometers on Saturday, with an additional stretch from Mokošica to Petrovo Selo and Pobrežje towards Zaton on Sunday.
On the challenging Kolojanj-Sjekose section, a crucial part of the fifth leg of the Camino Dubrovnik, members of the HGSS teams from Čapljina and Čitluk, alongside avid hikers from HPD "Brotnjo," orchestrated a commendable cleaning effort on Saturday. This segment, covering two kilometers of an ancient path from Kolojanj to the Svitavsko Lake and Hutovo Blato Nature Park, posed a demanding yet rewarding task.
The Camino Dubrovnik-Međugorje trail, comprising six legs, is poised to be completed and officially open by May 1 of this year. The trail's significance resonated beyond local borders, as it was presented in the prestigious European Parliament in Brussels last October. Notably, the City of Dubrovnik's involvement in this transformative project secured its membership in the esteemed European Federation of St. James Ways.
These collective endeavors not only highlight a commitment to preserving natural landscapes but also underscore the spirit of collaboration among local communities and enthusiasts in enhancing the region's cultural and recreational offerings. The Camino Dubrovnik-Međugorje trail stands as a testament to the power of shared initiatives in fostering regional pride and connectivity.

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