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Dubrovnik Welcomes Digital Nomads with Inaugural Meetup and Ambitious Initiatives


The inaugural Digital Nomads Meetup in Dubrovnik unfolded on December 8, 2023, at the Academia Student Centre—a hub doubling as a co-working space. Commencing at 11 AM, this event inaugurates a series of gatherings tailored for digital nomads in Dubrovnik, offering an excellent opportunity to connect, exchange insights, and set the stage for future encounters.

Introducing the "Ambassadors of Digital Nomads in Dubrovnik" project during the meetup, current ambassador Nilesh Pandey underscored the pivotal role these ambassadors play. Their primary responsibility involves uniting digital nomads and orchestrating workshops, meetings, and discussions to share remote work experiences, fostering a stronger sense of community among digital nomads in Dubrovnik.

The Meetup Dubrovnik aligns with initiatives by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the City of Dubrovnik, striving to position Dubrovnik as a digital nomad-friendly destination. Bloomberg, a prestigious American media house, has already recognized Croatia as a leading nation in attracting digital nomads, solidifying Dubrovnik's global visibility in the digital nomad market.

Implementing the "Long Stay Dubrovnik" project, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board employs a marketing strategy targeting both current and prospective nomads, as well as extended-stay tourists. The Digital Nomad Pass offers tickets to attractions, service discounts, and free public transportation for one month, exclusively available for nomads staying four weeks in Dubrovnik, purchasable at the Dubrovnik Tourist Board's main office.

In addition to networking events, a working group has been formed within the Remote-IT project of the Dura development agency, collaborating with the City of Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Saltwater Nomads, and Dubrovnik Sun Gardens. This project aims to explore the challenges and opportunities of Dubrovnik as a digital nomad destination, emphasizing economic growth, carbon footprint reduction, and enhanced quality of life. The Remote-IT network spans various cities, each developing local stakeholder networks through Urban Local Groups (ULGs), and Individual Integrated Action Plans (IAP) represent the project's final outcomes created by the ULGs of each city.

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