Two digital nomads share their experiences in Dubrovnik this week


After the recent digital nomad conference "Work. Place. Culture.”, as part of a unique tourism initiative aimed at strengthening Dubrovnik as a Digital Nomad Friendly year-round destination, numerous activities continue to promote the city as an ideal destination for digital nomads.

The digital nomads and former employees of the world-renowned social and business network Linkedln and successful young entrepreneurs Mandy Fransz and Yvette Pelgrom held an interactive workshop in Lazareti this week that brought together digital nomads residing in Dubrovnik. The workshop was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik, Jelka Tepšić.

On this occasion, these two nomads shared with the audience their experiences and tips for working with clients who work remotely and stay in different destinations. They also presented their own insights and reflections on working in the largest professional network Linkedln, which has millions of members around the world, presenting the potential of virtual and global connectivity that allows freedom, flexibility and productivity.

The ambassadors of this valuable tourist project, in which Dubrovnik ranks high as a destination in terms of attracting nomads, agreed that travel is and is an integral part of nomadic life, but also ultimately enable learning about new destinations and different ways of working, getting closer to the local community and their culture. On this occasion, Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepšić expressed satisfaction with the continuation of activities that can contribute to the recognition and promotion of Dubrovnik as a friendly environment for digital nomads and entrepreneurs who work virtually. She added that interactive workshops like this one are another step in upgrading an initiative that has involved stakeholders from different areas of business.

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