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Discovering Delight: Unveiling Three New Easter Eggs in the Heart of Dubrovnik


As Easter approaches, Dubrovnik is undergoing a magical transformation, courtesy of the City of Dubrovnik in collaboration with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board. This year, the cityscape is bedecked with new, original decorations that promise to infuse the air with festive joy and wonder.

Standing as beacons of creativity and tradition, three meticulously painted eggs have found their homes across the city, thanks to the skilled hands of the dedicated employees at the Dubrovnik Natural History Museum. Each egg, a masterpiece in its own right, now graces prominent locations, inviting locals and visitors alike to bask in their vibrant hues and intricate designs.

One such egg proudly stands before the majestic façade of the Rector's Palace, a symbol of Dubrovnik's rich history and architectural splendour. Another finds its place next to the iconic building of the Tourist Board on Brsalje, where it serves as a charming testament to the city's warm hospitality and welcoming spirit. Meanwhile, a third egg nestles within the verdant embrace of the park at Ploče, beckoning travellers as they embark on their journey into the heart of Dubrovnik.

But these eggs are not alone in their adornment. Nestled snugly within intricately crafted nests are the handiwork of Vrtlar Dubrovnik, whose expertise in landscaping and floral arrangements adds an extra layer of enchantment to the Easter display. Together, these elements create an immersive experience that captivates the senses and captures the essence of the season.

As residents and tourists meander through the cobbled streets and sun-kissed squares of Dubrovnik, they are greeted not only by the timeless beauty of the city's architecture but also by the joyous symbols of Easter's arrival. It's a celebration of art, nature, and community coming together in harmony, reminding us of the simple pleasures that bring us closer, even in the midst of our bustling lives.

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